Monday, 25 May 2009

Sans Titre

She sent me a link to 'What Is Love' and I decided the 90s was a truly beautiful time in the musical landscape, I was just a bit young. Imagine dancing to that now. I can't fucking wait for serious 90s clubs, loads of post-Alice Dellals wearing baggy t-shirts and no knickers. Maybe. I did not fit in at ALL last night, I was dressed for a school disco and they were party fuckers. Hippy ones. I have eaten too much crap, or just too much , though my Australian burger was really good, as was my breakfast.

Brighton had this really weird aesthetic of 90s hippie and 00s organic. I saw an organic hairdressers, I mean come on, that doesn't even make any sense. It makes less sense than the guy that wasn't actually on stilts, he was that tall, and the girl who wasn't on her knees, she was that short. And no I'm not waiting for the face painting. Why would I be waiting for face painting? Perhaps because I'm dressed like a school disco? It took me out of my comfort zone and I think I need to be refreshed right now.

I'm worried about getting rid of too many possessions. I don't want to be hasty and chuck stuff I actually like just for the sake of recalibration. But you know in your soul, like the Sta Prest skirt, things that are just too good to go. Trousers that cost £6.99 and no longer fit, on the other hand, are looking for new love. They are good, but they fall down, and they have to go.

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