Friday, 11 May 2012

I came back

Oh it's all changed! Oh I left it and came back and Blogger is upgraded! I stopped writing because keyboards and screens are work, and real life comes in pizza nights and bad films, in weird secular meeting halls, in bowls of velvety soup and unusual ice cream mixtures served by a charming Lothario, in yoga classes stretched 2 hours long which melt me into some bliss that leaves me unable to function. I was just short of slapping myself yesterday, I swear after that class, you miss the last train, you drink a smoothie a week out of date that cost £2.20, and you don't care! Normally those things make me care in a rather wasteful post-rationalising (thanks Rory) way that sees the good the bad and all in between, but that class. Mellowed like butter mistakenly left out on an unusually hot day. Knife laid on it and falling into it. Dangerous. You can't make a cake with butter that's no longer solid. You can't Work in these times without a little adrenaline driving the insane load. Three days later I can't decide if I'm sick or tired or sick-and-tired.