Friday, 5 June 2009

Nice things

I am going to find someone to adore me. It shouldn't be difficult. I am not a pain, I don't moan, I am grateful and friendly, I cook nice food and I want you to be having a nice time. I like fun things, I like nice things, and I like sharing intelligence. It shouldn't be hard. Maybe I should stop mourning and start looking.

I felt fine before the news, and then before the accident. I feel like a stomach on legs right now. I think it's about as big as a honeydew melon. Heavy and achy. Before this I had a relatively good week. My tutorial brought things together a little bit, even though I've yet to act. I will start In Designing later on! Yes! I WILL. I enjoyed My Hair At Work, I enjoyed it a lot. I've been robbed of first hair week fun really, I love floating around with a new air. Funny how appearance makes a difference.

It all started rather grandly with the ridiculous day of indulgence last Sunday. What started as a yoga class rolled onto a dance class and into prawns and peonies and then shiatsu. Really really indulgent. Oh and an Bramley and blackcurrant yogurt. I felt expensive and over doused, but happy with what she used to call 'throwing money at a problem'. I even bought paints and canvas, which I've yet to use, as it's never quite right. Maybe tomorrow.

The shiatsu was bizarre, it felt strange to have to pay to be touched, when it used to be free, and I kept drifting into sleeps and then something would hurt and I would jolt. I'm glad I bought the peonies. I enjoyed carrying them romantically around town, next to my face and offset by a blue-violet outfit. They are a short season and I will indulge until they pass. It is always sad when they start to die however. The tissue petals melt onto each other and you realise you can't stop them evolving. I wonder if the person who adores me will buy me peonies. It can't be that all boys don't care about flowers, surely some of them care about beauty and truth.

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