Thursday, 23 April 2009

Thoughts on The Zone

The Zone is like a cat that jumps up and sits on your lap when you weren't expecting it, at someone else's house, you find yourself stroking it, oh look, a cat, and then it's kind of nice and you don't want it to leave. Look at how I am bonding with this creature, and it likes me and I like it, ah aren't we in harmony, see? Nice cat... And then a few minutes later it bites the fleshy bit between your thumb and forefinger and you throw it off, and it walks away like it doesn't even care.

The zone is like that. You can't predict it, it falls on you like some 90s advert for cut-price sofas, on your head and you're flattened, and you struggle with it and run with it, and you feel really really pleased. Things are rolling, you're brain is moving, all the synapses are fizzing and things are happening. Shifts, words, changes, ideas, moments, flashes, solidification. Then the brain comes to a standstill, gets tired or goes off the boil, so you move away and leave it alone, thinking, I'll pick up on this later. Only later it won't be summoned, the zone. Zone! Zo-one, where arrre youuuu? ZONE! But no it's skipping away in some field of poppies wearing a white dress and a picnic basket, FUCK OFF it shouts through the sunny haze.

GRRR. I woke up at 6.40 today, good day I thought. But no, 3 hours later and I've still not done anything but a bit of research and now I have to go to stupid work and sit upon any inklings that may have been brewing this morning. I have a block. I need a new way to move my head on, not feel scared about not doing everything at once, as long as I do something. Now I have to go and brush my teeth and sign myself off for the rest of Thursday the 23rd of April 2009. Bloody great.

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