Thursday, 9 April 2009

It Makes Sense To Have A Plan

British holidays are in fashion, and I think it's honestly great. Everyone is knuckling down and realising they quite literally can't afford to Go Abroad. Or even if they never could, these days there's more important stuff to put on the credit card, like food shopping. I woke up this morning as I do every morning, in a bllur (that was a typo but I like it) of Today Programme stories and dreams, wishing I could have a life where I need to get up at 6 and do nothing for 3 hours so I could listen to it properly. Was Delia on it yesterday, or did I dream it? My whole life could just be spent Listening Again to yesterday's Today. Anyway, someone on it today was talking about Center Parcs. It was nice! It reminded me of how excited I used to get when we were going holiday, all about the getting there, stopping at Little Chefs before a piece of bacon cost a pound. It didn't matter that you didn't get a tan, because it didn't seem to be a status symbol, and you got to go on the motorway! Well anyway, if holidaying in Britain is going to become popular by way of a sort of Martin Parr Postmodernism, 'it's shit, but look, isn't ice cream so KNOWING!', well, I think that's pretty cool. Beach huts, camping, look at us all rallying together to harness the power of BLIGHTY (very interesting definition and origin that word, look it up.)

The moon was pretty good last night. I sat in the lounge as it moved through the bay window, went to bed when it disappeared. I still don't get how we/the moon moves, how it all works, I will build an orrery one day. It made me feel quite relaxed anyway, like I was allowed to watch The Apprentice and Charlie Brooker's Newswipe, beacuse I'm also watching the moon. I want to get into television. In a knowing way of course. I've paid for it, hence it's free entertainment, so instead of meeting a friend for Pizza Express two for one, maybe I'll just organise a weekly Apprentice date. There can be popcorn and we can do face masks! Look how self sufficient things can be. However much I'm joking, it makes sense to not continue making these amazing dinners just for myself, Delia is right, One Is Fun, but it's not a good economy and a bit soul shattering.

I got lost twice yesterday. I ended up in Stepney Green on the way there, and Trafalgar Square on the way back. I wondered what this meant and how it would inflict on my day. I enjoyed the tunnel, it felt a bit naughty. And I also enjoyed following a bike man with horrible skinny calves who I followed again eight hours later on the way home, it made me feel like I was in the right place. Especially as I had stopped at Moro on the way home to check out the menu. I read a thing the other day, I think in the Mind bit of the Weekend, about coincidences, saying that instances happen a million times a day, but you will only remember the most coincidental, nice ones. Like a friend ringing you out of the blue who you thought about this morning. But this following the same person, it's less a coincidence, more a feeling of locality, nice in London because it's just bigger that other places and it's nice to feel like you're not alone.

I behind with the interview, stuck with the essay, and nervous about ringing people for hats and watches. I just don't feel like I'm putting on the journalist's hat quite yet. Maybe a good excuse to go out and buy a journalist's hat. And put it on whilst on the phone. I'm not sure what I want to get from the essay, which isn't necessarily a problem-unraveller, but more of a discussion around things that interest me. Even so, it's difficult because I don't want it to become a sort of meet-the-heroes kind of thing, it needs to be focused, and be saying something. I should mention that I did just re-listen to yesterday's Today, and Delia was mentioned, but completely out of context and for about 7 seconds. So that must tell me, that even when I'm half akip I'm still pretty on it.

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