Monday, 6 July 2009

New Idea

A new list about what might be important in my quality of life index. If I was Monocle what would my criteria be? Maybe it’s time to think about what’s important. Look how big the world is. I remember thinking how London feels like a passport to the world, and it'll still be London (with a knowing italic because it already is a noun), if I left and came back to it next year. I have so enjoyed living here this year, almost a year now. It has whizzed by, and existed without me in a way. I haven't made a dint in it, it's been waiting, but I didn't force myself into it yet. It is ready, if I am.

But seeing as I'm not, and the inability is fed by my unbelievable present, perhaps a little stepping outside reality could be just what is needed. She told be about San Fransico and I was excited and not jealous, as it felt like I had an option. Even moving here last year felt so difficult, but now I feel I can do whatever. We were talking about possessions being heavy the other day, people and possessions shouldn't be enough to tie a spirit down.

Some Ideas:
  • lots of 20s and 30s confused but interesting people
  • a place where you can ride around and it is very acceptable
  • a place with a good food scene, restaurants, writing and local shops
  • a place with an excellent gallery or two that have the clues, film and music follow
  • perhaps an English speaking place, then you don't have to sacrifice your identity in the move
  • cheap rent, can't be too hard after here
  • excellent coffee place to make me use this great transferable skill
  • she was right when she said about sun
  • a can-do attitude to folk
  • people to visit in the same country, however far
  • somewhere with an exiting studio scene
  • a good magazine or paper that could be written for, and read

I want to be a destination whore. I can use the world. I can go around and meet new people and prove my own worth away from these clouds that are oh so local and or so parochial. When will I ever be as free as I am now?I might go and buy a map or a globe tomorrow, perhaps even the £14.99 gold light up one from the 98p store.

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