Sunday, 5 July 2009

Feels like clutch plates. Things spinning at the same time to make sense, driving things along, one parts and the other spins until it screeches stop. Not only did I get cheated on, but I got dumped. I got chucked without mutual consent. I was acted on and decided upon and thrown away and left on the side of the road.

My best friend has been frozen. The past is preserved and no longer makes sense, like that chilli jam I dropped heavy into the bin last week. Cracks of mould marbled through, generally useless, disregarding the time that was spent roasting those frigging chilli peppers and peeling off skins, smarting.

I am regretting it all over again. My objects are empty pieces that don't make sense, material wastage lying around pretending to be important, taken away, what do you have left now? How goes the judgement?

Quite some unique situation. My understanding is boundlessly annoying. Yes let's stay friends, with a new drafted in before I had chance to abdicate. Yes I was a fool, but I'll let you forget because my democracy is just right here, calming us down, and making still. She was right when she said the milk knows, the milk knows the serenity was just a big fucking act which about to blow.

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