Tuesday, 23 September 2008

It's confusing but not at all depressing...

I feel like I have choices, like I've finally got SOMETHING at least to judge things off. I've only been on the course 2 days, only induction, but already in that short time it has brought some kind of clarification. What I don't want. I hope I can get onto this Pg Cert course, fashion & lifestyle journalism. If I could take that on whilst doing some styling/photo shoot work experience, I think that'd be ideal to be going on with. It would cover things I am confident in (writing) and also have no background in. I would hopefully meet people and industry through that course. If it's full should I sack this one off and wait till Feb? Or carry on with this? One thing though, I don't feel sad or stuck or regretful for being here. I am glad I have all these choices.

On a side note, even though I answered her pop questions today, I'm not as eloquent as I would like to be on things I do actually know. Like if someone says talk about Basquiat for 2 minutes, I really should be able to do that. And talk about Ang Lee's films.

Some gems from today:

"Japanese students- do you have Magnum ice creams there?" (on trying to explain Magnum photographers, why not just a magnum of champagne?)

"He's very important. Well, kind of important." (In answer to question 'does anyone know who Banksy is?')

"Can't remember whether he died from suicide or just o-d'ed" (on Basquiat)

"You know about Andy Warhol?"

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