Thursday, 7 January 2010


I'm free, I'm FREE, I'm freeeeeeee. Well I still have to go to work tomorrow, pay rent, there's the phone bill and contacts on direct debit, three years student loan and immeasurable debt to my parents, but apart from that, freedom. I am leaving Facebook. facebook. The book of face. The book of I'm not funny but if enough people listen it looks like the image of hilarity. New media is for people with no sense of humour. I am glad my social world is no longer run by an American.

Yippee! We were talking that it should be a trend, I wondered if there was an article in it. Recessional cutesies like popping next door for a chat about guitar lessons (do that), sending out party invites on blue printed post cards (want to do that), a note on a bit o scrap paper on the kitchen work top. Email them, call them, post them, meet you in the foyer after 7 o'clock, ish, (did that). I'm going pay as you go. Imagine getting rid of your mobile phone. Sorry, you'll have to get me on the, 'land line'. Hmmm, not sure that's socially acceptable, a little bit too irritating and quirky.

I confess I did end it with a dispicable lurking session, one last purge, nothing rewarded just grossness and tingly limbs. Yuck. And it doesn't really mean anything, really. But it stands with this new thing about showing proof one one's efforts, talents, being, offerings to the world. Instead of half showing things, half being part of a scene, just push out into it and show the (real) world what you got. (Yes you).

Not sure of the steps forward if I'm honest. She showed faith in me where I don't have it about the MA, said sometimes you have to set your goal over there and then work back from it. I thought it was like this binary diagram theory that he told me, only bottom up. Solving problems logically and making decisions as you are faced with them. And also it works with my haircut-chasing, work back from the bob and you have a bowl, then a really small little bowl, and then this mess I'm sporting right now. The only issue comes when you have many goals, say three. Which one do you put ahead, work back from, which one to chase? All I know is I need people and fun (and a haircut) and these are all tangible. Onward.

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