Sunday, 1 February 2009

If it was on Facebook, Nigel and me would now be Friends

I'm ridiculously excited about getting another reply from Nigel. I will be excited about going to work everyday, because he might come in, or equally anyone might come in who is cool or weird or interesting or chatty. Like the Velib man, or the man that told me about Vinoteca being a good value alternative to Moro, and made me think it'd actually be alright to eat tapas at a bar myself as a Girl. It is hard to keep so goddamn jolly ALL the time, but hopefully I will have my jolly hat on when the time comes and it really counts. I mean I served Thom Yorke the other day and I wasn't bothered, but then I just listened to Radiohead a few times over this morning and reflected on how quite cool it was really. But when Nigel comes in I will be really excited and will probably make some work-mistake and get told off about it later (and again the next day, grrr). I don't think I'm starstruck, there's a difference between celebrity and someone who you think is actually quite cool. Like having Rose and Shona and Nigel in my inbox is the MOST exciting. They are actually quite niche people, and I really admire what they do and it enforces what I do, and that's what it's all about.

This illustrates that thing I was saying last year about London being this amazing linked up place where all the lines are laid out and everything links up and you can serve a celebrity in your cafe and it doesn't matter because in London they are just people. And then I can email Nigel a thankyou and say 'I think you came into the shop', I can go climbing and my fellow spare is a really cool girl from Paris, and that reminds me of how grand the world is, and how exciting things are. And this would never have happened if I lived on Planet Liverpool. I'm not saying capitals are the only way, but if you're interested in the world and all it's wonderful spidery links, then why the hell not live in the collective place where people are and things happen. It's not being against the outposts, but saying look, this place has concentrated opportunity, and if you like people and action, you should be here. Relax when your energy has naturally lowered, and live in the country. Match the pace to your age and ambitions.

I've realised recently how my punctuation is slipping. I think it's trying to bridge a gap between spoken word and written convention. When I say punctuation, I mean commas most specifically. I don't put them in writing(,) as I want it to read like I'm speaking. I wondered if it came from text speak, which it probably does, but I think maybe commas are over used. Are they for separating two clauses? I probably use commas when I should use semi colons, but I'd never speak a semi-colon. The distinction is interesting, between speech and writing. French seems to have a lot of confusion and tradition when it comes to the written-spoken word. Stupid amounts of tenses and intentions in what you're saying. I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed speaking French in France(,) and then I got into class and was immeasurable BORED. It's so fucking boring. Which I deduced as him just being a crap teacher, really. That must be it. So then I made 2 Parisian semi-friends this month(,) and got excited by the fact that we have something in common. Nothing really, apart from the ability to communicate in a second way. Languages are a web, like maps. I think I like Guillermo Kuitca. He seems quite interesting.

I don't name people in the blog. But I seem to have name dropped Celebrities quite freely this time. Celebrated people, famous ones. If I don't name people, my stories become quite abstract and it's only me who knows what I mean. I wonder who is reading the blog, 84 watchers so far. I was rereading an old entry, and I quite like the abstractness, the stories become mini morals rather than tales. (Quite nicely leading onto the fact that I just watched Maurice eating breadcrumbs off the surface, before poking near him with the end of a bread knife. That must make Maurice a celebrity.)

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