Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Is anyone reading the blog? And lost hats.

I just wondered who was looking at this, the profile views have gone up to to 37 and I know that's nothing but I'm sure it's not just me?

I was just thinking about all the hats I've ever lost. Sad times. I expect most were on trains. Remember that red beanie, it was amazing. Like £6.99 and amazing. That's what I want I think, a pull-on hat. Not 'is my hat fashion-tilted enough' or whatever but just pull it on, done, I'm wearing a hat. With this awful weather though it kind of put paid to any sort of fashion bent on bike, just keep dry eh. I didn't come off too bad, a wet crown and thighs which needed a waterproof circle skirt. I really enjoyed the concept sportswear, amazing, where is the Sartorialist when you need him. It was amazing. This Stella McCartney for Adidas pink marshmallow with a Shimano headband and chelsea boots. Toasty. An oldish woman who gets lattes for the price of americanos asked me where my blouse came from today, I felt shameful to say it was French Connection@TK Maxx. Postmodern.

I've not written for two weeks. I had a visitor, went home, had another visitor, and then began the 22 day work marathon. Day five and I'm surprisingly sane ish. Tried to decide on the way home whether 2 degrees sleet for 5 miles was worse than or equal to invigilating an exhibition where I get asked, "what is this, I'm looking for something to BUY". It was possibly the worst ride I have ever made. I was ready to slip off at any point. It would be good to stand on London Bridge in the snow. When it snows. Does minus one mean definite snow?

I should note that I was brave enough to speak up in French today (I am shit but want to get better and can), but not at the film last night. My question was completely valid if not a bit unformulated, why do these things always come post event, like the most amazing line in an argument when they've already shot you down. It was a celebrity feast though, and, oh I don't know I should've probably just asked, 'so I LOVED the hats, just tell me about the hats', and Robbie Coltrane would've said I didn't wear a hat and Rachel Weisz would've said 'but the cape!' and then we could've talked about capes. But I didn't ask my question so we'll never know. And some CINEMA FREAK instead asked Rian Johnson why he thanks Tom Cruise in the credits. I really should give my intelligence more credit sometimes.

It's fourth week at work, and I've started to fit in more. My coffee tasting skills are lacking, but how many of them can make quiche from absolute scratch. We each have our own skills and that is why some of us are world traveling coffee tasters and some of us, well, make pastry and burnt chocolate icing. I think a lot of people blag a lot of things in this world and that is OK. I can be who I want to be there, and if I choose to be sad like Coffee Union that'd be a stupid waste of everyone's time. So I'm going to pretend that I'm having an ok time and then it kind of is true. Customer based jobs are very hard work. Shouting at work is hard. Standing all day is hard. Not having another plan is double hard. Keep up spirits, even though the cold makes them heavy and stiff. Keep changing, and just get stronger, you can. Find beauty in people, they are uplifting, especially the like minded ones. I have to go to bed now before it gets too cold to sleep.

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