Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Celebrities at Work

I'm tired. I just wanted to think about celebrities. Henry Holland and Alexa Chung came into the shop today and it was weird. Who are they to rile me up? Everyone acts like the Queen is in, like 'do you KNOW who's over there', and you do a louder impression of yourself. You want them to notice you, and bestow you some luck and greatness - Bestow Miss Langdell By Way of Working Here I Announce You Duly Noticed And Important...

I didn't look at him until I saw them leave the shop arm in arm. Celebrity boys are kind of boring, they look normal. Celebrity girls are something to aspire to. They glow with the lightness of free Chanel and national aspiration. Henry looked crap, like a parody of himself, but isn't that just what they are, 'let's go to London and DO London', 'alright, but I might change my name, Laura is a bit SHIT', 'ok, and you know what, I bet you I'll bring tartan BACK, even Lauren Lavern will say so'.

It's easy to knock fun at things you don't know from a distance, out of paltry jealousy. When I was sounding off about Laura I-don't-know-the-difference-between-nails-and-screws Sillars, Angus asked me "you don't like her then?", and I answered 'I don't know her' with true sadness, really. Like look how bored I am, I'm making fun out of some perfectly fine Boring, and it just makes me look like an arsehole. Laziness. Easy to scold these celebrities out of jealousy. All we want is (whoever we choose) to throw their power over us and extend their shroud of brilliance and be transformed.

I just wondered whether the definition of celebrity is someone we know several things about over a certain period of time, and yet they don't even know our name. Our name is our existence. Hi I'm Ceri, yes I know. We all fucking know and you KNOW we know. And even when we're taking the piss out of your clothes, we kind of want a piece of you. Russell Brand said something good on the tv the other night in some interview, which was we can worship these 'idols' (celebrities or local heros), but we aren't really worth 2p until we pick out our insides and find out who we are. I'm doing that. So I wondered today about whether celebrities are really just ambitious people who lived the truths out. They happen. They are not scary, they are reminders that we should try harder to make success.

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