Sunday, 1 January 2012

Day 1

Indian philosophy says that what you do on the first of January sets the tone for your year ahead. As last year went, that seems quite apt. A 6 mile walk and yoga; 2011 saw me become a real yogi and solo Sunday walks fulfilled me wonderfully. The year before sits true, and the one before it. The year before that I have no recollection of, perhaps on thinking it was the year's eve I got the most drunk I ever have and will, passed out and was sick on myself, spent the next day just surviving. If it's the year I'm thinking of, I did spend that year just surviving.

So, I had grand plans for today naturally. I'm setting my tone I'm setting my tone, got to get all those flavours in to make the taste of my year a success. I mean I wasn't too stressed about it. I knew there'd be dancing at 3, I wanted to do my housekeeping duties, and the usual bracket of *writing* *knitting* *sewing that bloody duvet cover that is totally haunting me (just sew that frigging duvet cover will you for Christ's sake?!*. I'm now aware it's 9:22 and hoping I melded a good flavour...

Woke up early not hungover (quite usual but worth stating), did some research on buying a phono stage for my poor abandoned record player (poking actively into a challenging 'I don't know enough about this to make it happen so I'll leave it' area - good work), watched Charlie Brooker's review of the year (three-fold: 1 - iPlayer in bed = relaxation and nurturing actually and TV is the new no-TV 2 - I am laughing more this year. I am laughing everyday. Really laughing from the heart. I'm putting comedy on if I have to, or watch the George Dawes Baked Potato sketch 3 - I want to engage with the world's affairs and get out of mine), mild yoga, a lovely brunch (smoked salmon, eggs, soda bread mmm), did my washing and attacked the ironing guilt pile, arrived at dancing in good time, danced (bring on the ballroom, take off the girlfriends), had an enforced comfort break and read my book in the members bit with the sofas, ate a great dinner, writing/cheese/wine (and some Ben & Jerry's in a non-desperate manner), Clare Teal on Radio 2 (woo!).

I don't want to think the revelation of the year will be directly proportional to the amount of time assigned to said activities. Like I wrote intermittently for only an hour or so (in between George Dawes, Ab Fab, more Smooth Criminal) probably less time than I spent watching telly, and less time that I spent on the bus. I want me doing *things* to be a large part of this year. Making Thing Happen in reality. I was at dancing for 5 hours in the end, but I don't want that to be the majority of my tang for the year. Imagine if I attacked every day with this same fervour; must get things done! Must perpetuate calm, truth and greatness as far as possible. Would it be too intense, or would it be the best approach to life one could take?

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