Thursday, 24 April 2008

Oh My God, I have A Blog...

I think this means I've finally succumbed. Had a bit of a panic to notice there isn't a choice of Helvetica in the font box, after I've streamlined all my stationery into the knowing person's font. I decided that recently; I like things better if I know they're connected to something, if they have a background, a weight. The film, the fact that Greek coins say 'Helvetica' round their edge. It's a reason enough to choose something.

Finding it difficult to type as fast as I write, and this is leaving a small thinking gap between what I mean and what I say. Write. I've not written for ages, it just became too conscious really after the degree show. That part where I caught up with myself, I was reading recording diary entries I'd just written, too weird, writing your own script. 

I don't know if this will work. I don't know what it's for, who it's for. I suppose if it gets me thinking about words that's a good thing. I've been rejecting it for such a long time, the internet, but there was some sort of triumph in the last week of the journalism course. I just wrote a ten minute 'blog' and it felt like something that could be 'real', and could connect to something. The writing could be read. It wouldn't just sit on the bookshelf. I do keep meaning to type up those old diaries, and get them printed into some sort of silver edged bible-looking thing. Like a rich little word book of transcending knowledge - 'I doesn't matter who you are or what I'm on about, this shit is WISDOM!!!' or something. 

Anyway, while this needs a change of voice, it needs to carry the voice that was the best of all my other writing. A kind of subconscious muse who drops down these little gloopy drops of truth, which I then read back, or other people will now read, and go, oh I really should carry on, it all makes sense.

I think that's it for now. It feels weirdly official. Hand writing is definitely so important. I would like to note however that the reason for the blog happening in the end was not peer pressure nor a want of conformity, but inspiration from The Sartorialist.  It seems that now blogs are so commonplace there can actually be some wheat rising from the chaff. It's like it's gone from rare to common to boring, so it's almost a neutral state, and that's when the good stuff can shine.

Signing off...

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